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Wed 18th Apr 18 6:30pmI3Division BLiberty Ladies625172City of Ely 2
Wed 25th Apr 18 6:30pmI1Division BCity of Ely 2432324CoJags 3
Thu 17th May 18 6:30pmM4Division BCambourne 2219326City of Ely 2
Thu 21st Jun 18 6:30pmM1Division BCity of Ely 2640393Comberton 2
Wed 27th Jun 18 8:00pmI4Division BIcons 2216296City of Ely 2
Thu 12th Jul 18 8:00pmI1Division BCity of Ely 2235446MI7 2
Thu 19th Jul 18 8:00pmM2Division BEly 1339436City of Ely 2