Crt    Pts Score Pts  
Thu 24th Apr 14 6:30pmM1Division BCherry Hinton 2624233CoJags 3
M2Division BBurwell 1623122Falcons
M3Division BIcons 2318216Jets 1
M4Division BMI7 1315176Rockets 1
I1Division AComberton 1616153Cherry Hinton 1
I2Division ACity of Ely 1110296CoJags 1
I3Division ACoJags 2316176Hawks 1
I4Division AIcons 1415154Milton 1
Thu 24th Apr 14 7:15pmM1Division BCherry Hinton 2622132Falcons
M2Division BCoJags 3327286Jets 1
M3Division BBurwell 1617143Rockets 1
M4Division BIcons 2623193MI7 1
I1Division AComberton 1622213CoJags 1
I2Division ACherry Hinton 1623223Hawks 1
I3Division ACity of Ely 1317196Milton 1
I4Division ACoJags 2321226Icons 1
Thu 24th Apr 14 8:00pmM1Division CBee 52s316206Cambourne 1
M2Division CComberton 2315186Icons 3
M3Division CEly 1310146Rockets Ice
M4Division CSwifts 1312136Witchford 1
Thu 24th Apr 14 8:45pmM1Division CBee 52s210186Icons 3
M2Division CCambourne 117206Rockets Ice
M3Division CComberton 261482Witchford 1
M4Division CEly 118266Swifts 1
Tue 29th Apr 14 6:30pmI1Juniors ASaffron Hawks A639111Saffron Hawks B
I2Juniors ACambourne Juniors A11356CoJags A
I3Juniors ACoJags B14126Perse Juniors
Tue 29th Apr 14 7:15pmI1Juniors ASaffron Hawks B413134Perse Juniors
I2Juniors ASaffron Hawks A617153CoJags A
I3Juniors ACambourne Juniors A3596CoJags B
Thu 1st May 14 6:30pmM1Division EBurwell 2216256City of Ely 2
M2Division EHiston 1614133Jets 2
M3Division EWillingham Diamonds312136Cambourne 2
M4Division ESwifts 2211216Thundercats 1
I1Division DMilton 2629101Over 1
I2Division DMI7 2415154Pulse 1
I3Division DCoJags 4425254Comberton 3
I4Division DEly 2622101Icons 4
Thu 1st May 14 7:15pmM1Division EBurwell 2223316Jets 2
M2Division ECity of Ely 2619173Cambourne 2
M3Division EHiston 1646111Thundercats 1
M4Division EWillingham Diamonds219286Swifts 2
I1Division DMilton 2622142Pulse 1
I2Division DOver 119236Comberton 3
I3Division DMI7 262061Icons 4
I4Division DCoJags 4632141Ely 2
Thu 1st May 14 8:00pmM1Division FTaylor Vinters628202Ely 3
M2Division FHawks 261991Little Thetford
M3Division FStretham61093Liberty Ladies
M4Division FStetchworth313156Price Bailey
Thu 1st May 14 8:45pmM1Division FTaylor Vinters61493Little Thetford
M2Division FEly 361173Liberty Ladies
M3Division FHawks 261571Price Bailey
M4Division FStretham3376Stetchworth
Tue 6th May 14 6:30pmI1Juniors BCambourne Juniors B14246Comberton A
I2Juniors BHawks Juniors18256MI7 Juniors
I3Juniors BSaffron Hawks C62171Saffron Hawks D
Tue 6th May 14 7:15pmI1Juniors BComberton A64281Saffron Hawks D
I2Juniors BCambourne Juniors B29176MI7 Juniors
I3Juniors BHawks Juniors16216Saffron Hawks C
Thu 8th May 14 6:30pmM1Division ACoJags 1413134Milton 1
M2Division ACherry Hinton 161991Icons 1
M3Division AComberton 161141Hawks 1
M4Division ACity of Ely 135106CoJags 2
I1Division GIvies61173Linton 1
I2Division GPerse61011Cambourne 3
I3Division GCoton61173Girton
I4Division GMills & Reeve6601BAS
Thu 8th May 14 7:15pmM1Division AComberton 1615133Milton 1
M2Division AHawks 1315186Icons 1
M3Division ACoJags 1211186CoJags 2
M4Division ACherry Hinton 162491City of Ely 1
I1Division GIvies63021Cambourne 3
I2Division GLinton 16873Girton
I3Division GPerse61151BAS
I4Division GCoton4884Mills & Reeve
Thu 8th May 14 8:00pmM1Division BFalcons16176Rockets 1
M2Division BCoJags 3216266MI7 1
M3Division BCherry Hinton 2110216Jets 1
M4Division BBurwell 1623183Icons 2
Thu 8th May 14 8:45pmM1Division BCherry Hinton 2619163Rockets 1
M2Division BJets 1316216MI7 1
M3Division BFalcons620173Icons 2
M4Division BCoJags 329186Burwell 1
Tue 13th May 14 6:30pmI1Juniors ASaffron Hawks A64351Perse Juniors
I2Juniors ACoJags A62211CoJags B
I3Juniors ASaffron Hawks B63261Cambourne Juniors A
Tue 13th May 14 7:15pmI1Juniors ASaffron Hawks A64421CoJags B
I2Juniors ACoJags A217246Saffron Hawks B
I3Juniors APerse Juniors62661Cambourne Juniors A
Thu 15th May 14 6:30pmM1Division DPulse 1618173Icons 4
M2Division DOver 116176Ely 2
M3Division DMilton 2315166Comberton 3
M4Division DMI7 219256CoJags 4
I1Division CIcons 3312146Witchford 1
I2Division CCambourne 1316176Swifts 1
I3Division CBee 52s4994Rockets Ice
I4Division CComberton 2634101Ely 1
Thu 15th May 14 7:15pmM1Division DMilton 2623142Icons 4
M2Division DComberton 3627111Ely 2
M3Division DPulse 1222376CoJags 4
M4Division DOver 1212226MI7 2
I1Division CBee 52s210206Witchford 1
I2Division CRockets Ice29166Swifts 1
I3Division CIcons 3615143Ely 1
I4Division CCambourne 138106Comberton 2
Thu 15th May 14 8:00pmM1Division EJets 2413134Thundercats 1
M2Division ECity of Ely 2623142Swifts 2
M3Division EBurwell 217156Cambourne 2
M4Division EHiston 1316176Willingham Diamonds
Thu 15th May 14 8:45pmM1Division EBurwell 2623152Thundercats 1
M2Division ECambourne 2410104Swifts 2
M3Division EJets 239136Willingham Diamonds
M4Division ECity of Ely 2621152Histon 1
Tue 20th May 14 6:30pmI1Juniors BCambourne Juniors B14236Saffron Hawks D
I2Juniors BMI7 Juniors620112Saffron Hawks C
I3Juniors BComberton A62951Hawks Juniors
Tue 20th May 14 7:15pmI1Juniors BCambourne Juniors B312136Saffron Hawks C
I2Juniors BMI7 Juniors19256Comberton A
I3Juniors BSaffron Hawks D62091Hawks Juniors
Thu 22nd May 14 6:30pmM1Division GCambourne 3312136BAS
M2Division GLinton 161761Mills & Reeve
M3Division GIvies63241Girton
M4Division GPerse61561Coton
I1Division FLittle Thetford61262Price Bailey
I2Division FEly 339106Stetchworth
I3Division FTaylor Vinters3356Liberty Ladies
I4Division FHawks 261372Stretham
Thu 22nd May 14 7:15pmM1Division GIvies62851BAS
M2Division GGirton3476Mills & Reeve
M3Division GCambourne 314156Coton
M4Division GLinton 139106Perse
I1Division FTaylor Vinters61131Price Bailey
I2Division FLiberty Ladies15166Stetchworth
I3Division FLittle Thetford3596Stretham
I4Division FEly 33796Hawks 2
Thu 22nd May 14 8:00pmM1Division AComberton 161351Icons 1
M2Division AHawks 161961City of Ely 1
M3Division ACoJags 1420204Cherry Hinton 1
M4Division AMilton 16833CoJags 2
Thu 22nd May 14 8:45pmM1Division AComberton 1626101CoJags 2
M2Division AIcons 1628253City of Ely 1
M3Division AMilton 1115336Cherry Hinton 1
M4Division AHawks 1216266CoJags 1
Thu 29th May 14 6:30pmM1Division CBee 52s13166Swifts 1
M2Division CRockets Ice16176Comberton 2
M3Division CIcons 314256Cambourne 1
M4Division CWitchford 14774Ely 1
I1Division BCherry Hinton 2615133MI7 1
I2Division BJets 1615113Burwell 1
I3Division BFalcons-2 06CoJags 3
I4Division BRockets 1311166Icons 2
Thu 29th May 14 7:15pmM1Division CBee 52s212206Ely 1
M2Division CSwifts 1216236Comberton 2
M3Division CWitchford 1623111Cambourne 1
M4Division CRockets Ice61592Icons 3
I1Division BCherry Hinton 261131Icons 2
I2Division BMI7 161283Burwell 1
I3Division BRockets 115196CoJags 3
I4Division BJets 160 -2Falcons
Thu 29th May 14 8:00pmM1Division DMilton 24994Ely 2
M2Division DComberton 361361MI7 2
M3Division DPulse 1617153Over 1
M4Division DIcons 415326CoJags 4
Thu 29th May 14 8:45pmM1Division DMilton 215226CoJags 4
M2Division DEly 2616143MI7 2
M3Division DIcons 4622173Over 1
M4Division DComberton 361221Pulse 1
Tue 3rd Jun 14 6:30pmI1Juniors ACoJags B11356Saffron Hawks B
I2Juniors ASaffron Hawks A64521Cambourne Juniors A
I3Juniors APerse Juniors310126CoJags A
Tue 3rd Jun 14 7:15pmI1Juniors ASaffron Hawks B19296Saffron Hawks A
I2Juniors ACoJags A62941Cambourne Juniors A
I3Juniors APerse Juniors62751CoJags B
Thu 5th Jun 14 6:30pmM1Division GIvies62121Mills & Reeve
M2Division GGirton61561Perse
M3Division GCambourne 312126Linton 1
M4Division GBAS11196Coton
I1Division EBurwell 2617163Swifts 2
I2Division ECambourne 211336Histon 1
I3Division EJets 2625111City of Ely 2
I4Division EThundercats 118246Willingham Diamonds
Thu 5th Jun 14 7:15pmM1Division GIvies62531Coton
M2Division GMills & Reeve1066Perse
M3Division GBAS3786Linton 1
M4Division GGirton6821Cambourne 3
I1Division EBurwell 2311146Willingham Diamonds
I2Division ESwifts 2614113Histon 1
I3Division EThundercats 1316186City of Ely 2
I4Division ECambourne 211286Jets 2
Thu 5th Jun 14 8:00pmM1Division ACoJags 2111356Cherry Hinton 1
M2Division AIcons 1211206CoJags 1
M3Division AComberton 1620112City of Ely 1
M4Division AMilton 1617153Hawks 1
I1Division FTaylor Vinters3786Stetchworth
I2Division FLiberty Ladies60 -2Hawks 2
I3Division FLittle Thetford313146Ely 3
I4Division FPrice Bailey18196Stretham
Thu 5th Jun 14 8:45pmM1Division ACherry Hinton 1624213Comberton 1
M2Division ACoJags 1626182City of Ely 1
M3Division AHawks 1621193CoJags 2
M4Division AMilton 1217276Icons 1
I1Division FTaylor Vinters419194Stretham
I2Division FStetchworth60 -2Hawks 2
I3Division FPrice Bailey615113Ely 3
I4Division FLiberty Ladies618163Little Thetford
Tue 10th Jun 14 6:30pmI1Juniors BSaffron Hawks C13166Comberton A
I2Juniors BCambourne Juniors B60 -2Hawks Juniors
I3Juniors BSaffron Hawks D61482MI7 Juniors
Tue 10th Jun 14 7:15pmI1Juniors BComberton A629111Cambourne Juniors B
I2Juniors BMI7 Juniors60 -2Hawks Juniors
I3Juniors BSaffron Hawks D61831Saffron Hawks C
Thu 12th Jun 14 6:30pmM1Division DCoJags 461851Over 1
M2Division DEly 26523Pulse 1
M3Division DMilton 24884MI7 2
M4Division DIcons 416176Comberton 3
I1Division BIcons 2223296CoJags 3
I2Division BMI7 1223386Falcons
I3Division BCherry Hinton 2618153Burwell 1
I4Division BRockets 1314196Jets 1
Thu 12th Jun 14 7:15pmM1Division DOver 1215226Milton 2
M2Division DPulse 119206MI7 2
M3Division DComberton 3312156CoJags 4
M4Division DIcons 4626202Ely 2
I1Division BCoJags 3618143Cherry Hinton 2
I2Division BFalcons213236Burwell 1
I3Division BJets 1626132Icons 2
I4Division BRockets 1416164MI7 1
Thu 12th Jun 14 8:00pmM1Division EWillingham Diamonds61341City of Ely 2
M2Division ESwifts 217176Jets 2
M3Division EBurwell 218196Histon 1
M4Division EThundercats 1617112Cambourne 2
I1Division CEly 1211216Cambourne 1
I2Division CSwifts 1212216Icons 3
I3Division CBee 52s615103Comberton 2
I4Division CWitchford 1616123Rockets Ice
Thu 12th Jun 14 8:45pmM1Division ECity of Ely 2625121Burwell 2
M2Division EJets 2319236Histon 1
M3Division ECambourne 2317226Willingham Diamonds
M4Division EThundercats 1320256Swifts 2
I1Division CCambourne 162581Bee 52s
I2Division CIcons 3217256Comberton 2
I3Division CRockets Ice613123Ely 1
I4Division CWitchford 1212186Swifts 1
Tue 17th Jun 14 6:30pmI1Juniors APerse Juniors60 -2Saffron Hawks B
I2Juniors ACoJags A317206Saffron Hawks A
I3Juniors ACoJags B61131Cambourne Juniors A
Tue 17th Jun 14 7:15pmI1Juniors APerse Juniors216256Saffron Hawks A
I2Juniors ACoJags B12196CoJags A
I3Juniors ACambourne Juniors A60 -2Saffron Hawks B
Thu 19th Jun 14 6:30pmM1Division ACoJags 1621203Comberton 1
M2Division AHawks 1113306Cherry Hinton 1
M3Division AMilton 1417174City of Ely 1
M4Division AIcons 1318206CoJags 2
I1Division FStretham211206Ely 3
I2Division FStetchworth616113Little Thetford
I3Division FTaylor Vinters61721Hawks 2
I4Division FPrice Bailey-2 06Liberty Ladies
Thu 19th Jun 14 7:15pmM1Division AMilton 161173CoJags 1
M2Division AIcons 13486Cherry Hinton 1
M3Division AHawks 161461Comberton 1
M4Division ACoJags 21096City of Ely 1
I1Division FEly 3114306Taylor Vinters
I2Division FLittle Thetford61273Hawks 2
I3Division FLiberty Ladies619143Stretham
I4Division FPrice Bailey-2 06Stetchworth
Thu 19th Jun 14 8:00pmM1Division BFalcons4884Cherry Hinton 2
M2Division BJets 128146CoJags 3
M3Division BRockets 16763Burwell 1
M4Division BMI7 161273Icons 2
I1Division GCoton613103Linton 1
I2Division GMills & Reeve3346Cambourne 3
I3Division GIvies612103Perse
I4Division GBAS61073Girton
Thu 19th Jun 14 8:45pmM1Division BRockets 1626233Falcons
M2Division BMI7 1625142CoJags 3
M3Division BJets 1319216Cherry Hinton 2
M4Division BIcons 219196Burwell 1
I1Division GLinton 115176Ivies
I2Division GCambourne 313136Perse
I3Division GGirton27136Coton
I4Division GBAS61121Mills & Reeve
Tue 24th Jun 14 6:30pmI1Juniors BSaffron Hawks D415154Comberton A
I2Juniors BMI7 Juniors62221Cambourne Juniors B
I3Juniors BSaffron Hawks C628131Hawks Juniors
Tue 24th Jun 14 7:15pmI1Juniors BSaffron Hawks D62371Cambourne Juniors B
I2Juniors BSaffron Hawks C16186MI7 Juniors
I3Juniors BHawks Juniors110256Comberton A
Thu 26th Jun 14 6:30pmM1Division EJets 2312136Burwell 2
M2Division ECambourne 216236City of Ely 2
M3Division EThundercats 16833Histon 1
M4Division ESwifts 2615133Willingham Diamonds
I1Division CIcons 3626192Bee 52s
I2Division CRockets Ice210176Cambourne 1
I3Division CWitchford 1318206Comberton 2
I4Division CSwifts 1623152Ely 1
Thu 26th Jun 14 7:15pmM1Division EThundercats 1111266Jets 2
M2Division ESwifts 2220276City of Ely 2
M3Division ECambourne 2211186Burwell 2
M4Division EWillingham Diamonds61561Histon 1
I1Division CWitchford 1621152Icons 3
I2Division CSwifts 1630152Cambourne 1
I3Division CRockets Ice620122Bee 52s
I4Division CEly 129166Comberton 2
Thu 26th Jun 14 8:00pmM1Division FLittle Thetford18316Taylor Vinters
M2Division FLiberty Ladies622132Ely 3
M3Division FPrice Bailey222326Hawks 2
M4Division FStetchworth624172Stretham
I1Division DPulse 117306Milton 2
I2Division DComberton 362971Over 1
I3Division DIcons 4112406MI7 2
I4Division DEly 2623172CoJags 4
Thu 26th Jun 14 8:45pmM1Division FPrice Bailey62091Little Thetford
M2Division FStetchworth61183Ely 3
M3Division FLiberty Ladies17236Taylor Vinters
M4Division FStretham19246Hawks 2
I1Division DIcons 461541Pulse 1
I2Division DEly 238126Over 1
I3Division DComberton 315126Milton 2
I4Division DCoJags 411126MI7 2
Tue 1st Jul 14 6:30pmI1Juniors ACoJags B16356Saffron Hawks A
I2Juniors ASaffron Hawks B311136CoJags A
I3Juniors ACambourne Juniors A15186Perse Juniors
Tue 1st Jul 14 7:15pmI1Juniors ASaffron Hawks B61472CoJags B
I2Juniors ACambourne Juniors A110366Saffron Hawks A
I3Juniors ACoJags A61421Perse Juniors
Thu 3rd Jul 14 6:30pmM1Division BRockets 1616133Cherry Hinton 2
M2Division BMI7 161393Jets 1
M3Division BIcons 26763Falcons
M4Division BBurwell 1212186CoJags 3
I1Division GCambourne 316266Ivies
I2Division GGirton15126Linton 1
I3Division GBAS38126Perse
I4Division GMills & Reeve-2 06Coton
Thu 3rd Jul 14 7:15pmM1Division BMI7 128166Cherry Hinton 2
M2Division BBurwell 161393Jets 1
M3Division BCoJags 3632101Falcons
M4Division BIcons 2619183Rockets 1
I1Division GBAS61482Cambourne 3
I2Division GMills & Reeve-2 06Linton 1
I3Division GGirton12156Ivies
I4Division GCoton29156Perse
Thu 3rd Jul 14 8:00pmM1Division CWitchford 1626121Bee 52s
M2Division CSwifts 1216226Rockets Ice
M3Division CEly 1620142Icons 3
M4Division CComberton 2627212Cambourne 1
I1Division AMilton 1218286Comberton 1
I2Division AIcons 1113326Hawks 1
I3Division ACoJags 2316206CoJags 1
I4Division ACity of Ely 117226Cherry Hinton 1
Thu 3rd Jul 14 8:45pmM1Division CSwifts 1625223Bee 52s
M2Division CComberton 2620193Rockets Ice
M3Division CCambourne 1619163Icons 3
M4Division CEly 1620163Witchford 1
I1Division AIcons 1327306Comberton 1
I2Division ACity of Ely 1319236Hawks 1
I3Division ACherry Hinton 1619143CoJags 1
I4Division ACoJags 2424244Milton 1
Tue 8th Jul 14 6:30pmI1Juniors BSaffron Hawks C622132Cambourne Juniors B
I2Juniors BComberton A61651MI7 Juniors
I3Juniors BHawks Juniors10246Saffron Hawks D
Tue 8th Jul 14 7:15pmI1Juniors BComberton A626111Saffron Hawks C
I2Juniors BHawks Juniors417174Cambourne Juniors B
I3Juniors BMI7 Juniors15326Saffron Hawks D
Thu 10th Jul 14 6:30pmM1Division FPrice Bailey13156Taylor Vinters
M2Division FStetchworth61193Liberty Ladies
M3Division FStretham13156Little Thetford
M4Division FHawks 217206Ely 3
I1Division DIcons 4213226Milton 2
I2Division DEly 238116Comberton 3
I3Division DCoJags 461241Pulse 1
I4Division DMI7 2612113Over 1
Thu 10th Jul 14 7:15pmM1Division FStetchworth313186Taylor Vinters
M2Division FHawks 2214256Liberty Ladies
M3Division FEly 361551Little Thetford
M4Division FStretham210166Price Bailey
I1Division DEly 216196Milton 2
I2Division DMI7 2213256Comberton 3
I3Division DOver 161881Pulse 1
I4Division DCoJags 462491Icons 4
Thu 10th Jul 14 8:00pmM1Division GBAS13166Ivies
M2Division GMills & Reeve39116Girton
M3Division GCoton61083Cambourne 3
M4Division GPerse-2 06Linton 1
I1Division EThundercats 1219286Burwell 2
I2Division ESwifts 2620153Cambourne 2
I3Division EWillingham Diamonds212186Jets 2
I4Division EHiston 1318236City of Ely 2
Thu 10th Jul 14 8:45pmM1Division GMills & Reeve15256Ivies
M2Division GPerse-2 06Girton
M3Division GLinton 161461Cambourne 3
M4Division GCoton61131BAS
I1Division ESwifts 2325266Burwell 2
I2Division EHiston 1313146Cambourne 2
I3Division ECity of Ely 2322236Jets 2
I4Division EWillingham Diamonds61393Thundercats 1
Thu 17th Jul 14 6:30pmM1Division CEly 161063Bee 52s
M2Division CComberton 261671Swifts 1
M3Division CCambourne 115146Witchford 1
M4Division CIcons 34884Rockets Ice
I1Division ACoJags 2211196Comberton 1
I2Division ACity of Ely 161981Icons 1
I3Division ACherry Hinton 1616133Milton 1
I4Division ACoJags 162271Hawks 1
Thu 17th Jul 14 7:15pmM1Division CCambourne 162521Ely 1
M2Division CIcons 3620163Swifts 1
M3Division CComberton 263181Bee 52s
M4Division CRockets Ice217236Witchford 1
I1Division ACherry Hinton 162191CoJags 2
I2Division ACoJags 1624203Icons 1
I3Division ACity of Ely 1214286Comberton 1
I4Division AHawks 1316216Milton 1
Thu 17th Jul 14 8:00pmM1Division DCoJags 4-2 06Milton 2
M2Division DMI7 237116Ely 2
M3Division DOver 1617112Icons 4
M4Division DPulse 113556Comberton 3
I1Division BIcons 2212236Cherry Hinton 2
I2Division BBurwell 1112266MI7 1
I3Division BCoJags 3617153Rockets 1
I4Division BFalcons617133Jets 1
Thu 17th Jul 14 8:45pmM1Division DOver 160 -2CoJags 4
M2Division DPulse 112256Ely 2
M3Division DMI7 2215226Milton 2
M4Division DComberton 363751Icons 4
I1Division BCoJags 3626142Icons 2
I2Division BFalcons110236MI7 1
I3Division BBurwell 1212196Cherry Hinton 2
I4Division BJets 1618163Rockets 1
Thu 24th Jul 14 6:30pmM1Division GCoton13156Ivies
M2Division GPerse-2 06Mills & Reeve
M3Division GLinton 162081BAS
M4Division GCambourne 312146Girton
I1Division EWillingham Diamonds619183Burwell 2
I2Division EHiston 1621101Swifts 2
I3Division ECity of Ely 2620122Thundercats 1
I4Division EJets 2625182Cambourne 2
Thu 24th Jul 14 7:15pmM1Division GLinton 117156Coton
M2Division GCambourne 36213Mills & Reeve
M3Division GPerse-2 06Ivies
M4Division GGirton61301BAS
I1Division ECity of Ely 2630121Willingham Diamonds
I2Division EJets 2622142Swifts 2
I3Division EHiston 1622162Burwell 2
I4Division ECambourne 261073Thundercats 1
Thu 24th Jul 14 8:00pmI1Division FStretham215296Taylor Vinters
I2Division FHawks 2624142Stetchworth
I3Division FEly 3212196Price Bailey
I4Division FLittle Thetford211176Liberty Ladies
Thu 24th Jul 14 8:45pmI1Division FEly 3614103Stretham
I2Division FLittle Thetford110216Stetchworth
I3Division FHawks 2212196Taylor Vinters
I4Division FLiberty Ladies61221Price Bailey