Crt    Pts Score Pts  
Tue 12th Apr 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sCambourne114346City of Ely
I2Under 14sCoJags115356Comberton
I3Under 14sSwan 264641MI7
I4Under 14sRoyston (U14)624203Stretham
Thu 14th Apr 16 6:45pmM1Division BCoJags 2621203Swifts 1
M2Division BIcons 2324276Comberton 1
M3Division BBurwell 1120646Haddenham
M4Division BFoxes623213Rockets 1
I1Division AIcons 1636282MI7 1
I2Division ACoJags 1228436City of Ely 1
I3Division AMilton 1220266Cherry Hinton 1
Thu 14th Apr 16 8:00pmM1Division CIcons 3315206Milton 2
M2Division CJets 1123626Hawks 2
M3Division CHiston 1638363Cambourne 2
M4Division CSwifts 2636262Rockets 2
Tue 19th Apr 16 6:45pmI1Under 12sSwan 163071Swan 2
I2Under 12sMI7 239126MI7 1
I3Under 16sCambourne16266CoJags
I4Under 16sMI7655181Royston
Thu 21st Apr 16 6:45pmM1Division ELiberty Ladies624132Thundercats 1
M2Division EHawks 3645282Stretham
M3Division EEly 2641232MI7 3
M4Division ECoton638181Ivies
I1Division DFalcons110326CoJags 3
I2Division DBee 52s646392Willingham Diamonds
I3Division DEly 1216326Cambourne 3
I4Division DMI7 2632222Over 1
Thu 21st Apr 16 8:00pmM1Division FStetchworth630172Little Thetford
M2Division FHiston 263691Girton
M3Division FCambourne 4316206Ely 3
M4Division FCoton 2118416Linton 1
Tue 26th Apr 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sCambourne622122Icons
I2Under 14sCity of Ely112606Swan 1
I3Under 14sCoJags63691Stretham
I4Under 14sComberton629131Royston (U14)
Thu 28th Apr 16 6:45pmM1Division ACity of Ely 1232526Icons 1
M2Division ACherry Hinton 1634262MI7 1
M3Division AMilton 1234526CoJags 1
I1Division GFenatics111246Bears
I2Division GBAS631111Price Bailey
I3Division GDMR14386Warboy Witches
I4Division GLiberty Ladies 2633182Over 2
Thu 28th Apr 16 8:00pmM1Division BComberton 1621173CoJags 2
M2Division BHaddenham230516Swifts 1
M3Division BRockets 1625192Icons 2
M4Division BFoxes64361Burwell 1
Tue 3rd May 16 6:45pmI1Under 12sCambourne29176Comberton
I2Under 12sCojags 18326Royston
I3Under 16sCambourne113446MI7
I4Under 16sCoJags640262Royston
Thu 5th May 16 6:45pmM1Division DWillingham Diamonds641171Falcons
M2Division DCambourne 317386CoJags 3
M3Division DOver 1118516Bee 52s
M4Division DMI7 2636151Ely 1
I1Division CHawks 2637282Icons 3
I2Division CCambourne 2628243Milton 2
I3Division CRockets 2323256Jets 1
I4Division CSwifts 2638322Histon 1
Thu 5th May 16 8:00pmM1Division EStretham14486Liberty Ladies
M2Division EMI7 3322276Thundercats 1
M3Division EIvies631242Hawks 3
M4Division ECoton331346Ely 2
Tue 10th May 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sCity of Ely329316CoJags
I2Under 14sSwan 165891Icons
I3Under 14sMI7219266Royston (U14)
I4Under 14sComberton637141Swan 2
Thu 12th May 16 6:45pmM1Division GPrice Bailey19206Fenatics
M2Division GWarboy Witches624223Bears
M3Division GOver 2110436BAS
M4Division GLiberty Ladies 264711DMR
I1Division FGirton220376Stetchworth
I2Division FEly 3221286Little Thetford
I3Division FLinton 1630202Histon 2
I4Division FCoton 2631131Cambourne 4
Thu 12th May 16 8:00pmM1Division AIcons 1636323Cherry Hinton 1
M2Division ACity of Ely 1235476Milton 1
M3Division AMI7 1659332CoJags 1
Tue 17th May 16 6:45pmI1Under 12sMI7 1212216Swan 1
I2Under 12sComberton62991Swan 2
I3Under 16sCambourne324266Royston
I4Under 16sCoJags622203MI7
Thu 19th May 16 6:45pmM1Division CIcons 3216316Cambourne 2
M2Division CHawks 2625213Rockets 2
M3Division CMilton 2333346Swifts 2
M4Division CJets 1120576Histon 1
I1Division BCoJags 2643211Haddenham
I2Division BComberton 1645111Rockets 1
I3Division BSwifts 1630273Foxes
I4Division BIcons 2644292Burwell 1
Thu 19th May 16 8:00pmM1Division DFalcons629212Cambourne 3
M2Division DWillingham Diamonds224386Over 1
M3Division DCoJags 3628243MI7 2
M4Division DBee 52s649151Ely 1
Tue 24th May 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sMI7114586Swan 1
I2Under 14sSwan 2321236Royston (U14)
I3Under 14sCambourne11656Comberton
I4Under 14sStretham620132Icons
Thu 26th May 16 6:45pmM1Division FStetchworth628222Ely 3
M2Division FGirton226476Linton 1
M3Division FLittle Thetford645211Coton 2
M4Division FHiston 2622162Cambourne 4
I1Division ELiberty Ladies328316MI7 3
I2Division EStretham318236Ivies
I3Division EThundercats 1639191Coton
I4Division EHawks 3321246Ely 2
Thu 26th May 16 8:00pmM1Division GFenatics115376Warboy Witches
M2Division GPrice Bailey420204Over 2
M3Division GBears630111Liberty Ladies 2
M4Division GBAS60 -2DMR
Tue 7th Jun 16 6:45pmI1Under 12sRoyston637151MI7 2
I2Under 12sCojags 63021Cambourne
I3Under 16sCoJags637121Cambourne
I4Under 16sRoyston121476MI7
Tue 7th Jun 16 8:00pmI1Under 14sCambourne215296MI7
I2Under 14sStretham18616Swan 1
I3Under 14sCoJags636161Icons
I4Under 14sCity of Ely212216Swan 2
Thu 9th Jun 16 6:45pmM1Division CRockets 2634182Icons 3
M2Division CSwifts 2118406Cambourne 2
M3Division CHiston 1630293Hawks 2
M4Division CJets 1328316Milton 2
I1Division AMilton 1236496Icons 1
I2Division ACoJags 1637262Cherry Hinton 1
I3Division AMI7 1642272City of Ely 1
Thu 9th Jun 16 8:00pmM1Division DOver 1634333Falcons
M2Division DMI7 2626192Cambourne 3
M3Division DEly 1117416Willingham Diamonds
M4Division DBee 52s643292CoJags 3
I1Division BRockets 1630232CoJags 2
I2Division BFoxes655251Haddenham
I3Division BBurwell 1123506Comberton 1
I4Division BIcons 2337386Swifts 1
Tue 14th Jun 16 6:45pmI1Under 12sSwan 162191Comberton
I2Under 12sMI7 116366Royston
I3Under 16sMI760 -2Cambourne
I4Under 16sRoyston114356CoJags
Tue 14th Jun 16 8:00pmI1Under 14sComberton662121Icons
I2Under 14sCambourne14296Stretham
I3Under 14sCity of Ely222446Royston (U14)
I4Under 14sCoJags219286Swan 2
Thu 16th Jun 16 6:45pmM1Division GOver 261671Fenatics
M2Division GLiberty Ladies 218426Warboy Witches
M3Division GDMR-2 06Price Bailey
M4Division GBAS619173Bears
I1Division EIvies110346Liberty Ladies
I2Division ECoton429294MI7 3
I3Division EEly 2650292Stretham
I4Division EHawks 3216286Thundercats 1
Thu 16th Jun 16 8:00pmM1Division AIcons 1642212CoJags 1
M2Division AMilton 1627202MI7 1
M3Division ACherry Hinton 1642322City of Ely 1
I1Division FLinton 1633172Stetchworth
I2Division FCoton 2624233Ely 3
I3Division FCambourne 4635161Girton
I4Division FHiston 2623193Little Thetford
Tue 21st Jun 16 6:45pmI1Under 12sSwan 214186Cojags
I2Under 12sMI7 262761Cambourne
I3Under 16sRoyston642121Cambourne
I4Under 16sMI7630232CoJags
Tue 21st Jun 16 8:00pmI1Under 14sComberton64381Stretham
I2Under 14sCity of Ely624172MI7
I3Under 14sCoJags115656Swan 1
I4Under 14sCambourne110566Royston (U14)
Thu 23rd Jun 16 6:45pmM1Division DFalcons118396MI7 2
M2Division DOver 139106Ely 1
M3Division DCambourne 3124576Bee 52s
M4Division DWillingham Diamonds327316CoJags 3
I1Division BCoJags 214176Foxes
I2Division BRockets 161971Burwell 1
I3Division BHaddenham312156Icons 2
I4Division BComberton 117176Swifts 1
Thu 23rd Jun 16 8:00pmM1Division ELiberty Ladies60 -2Coton
M2Division EIvies117376Ely 2
M3Division EMI7 3628131Hawks 3
M4Division EStretham227336Thundercats 1
I1Division CIcons 3235456Swifts 2
I2Division CRockets 2329336Histon 1
I3Division CCambourne 2638232Jets 1
I4Division CHawks 2638302Milton 2
Tue 28th Jun 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sSwan 263241Stretham
I2Under 14sCity of Ely620173Icons
I3Under 14sRoyston (U14)226456Swan 1
I4Under 14sComberton64361MI7
Tue 28th Jun 16 8:00pmI1Under 12sRoyston644211Swan 1
I2Under 12sCojags 62221Comberton
I3Under 12sCambourne15256MI7 1
I4Under 12sMI7 214196Swan 2
Thu 30th Jun 16 6:45pmM1Division BBurwell 1-2 06CoJags 2
M2Division BIcons 2228446Foxes
M3Division BSwifts 1229356Rockets 1
M4Division BComberton 1650211Haddenham
I1Division FStetchworth632151Coton 2
I2Division FLinton 1631182Cambourne 4
I3Division FEly 3219306Histon 2
I4Division FGirton335406Little Thetford
Thu 30th Jun 16 8:00pmM1Division CHiston 1323286Icons 3
M2Division CJets 1225486Swifts 2
M3Division CMilton 2640222Rockets 2
M4Division CHawks 2445454Cambourne 2
I1Division GFenatics623111Liberty Ladies 2
I2Division GOver 260 -2DMR
I3Division GWarboy Witches626202BAS
I4Division GPrice Bailey213206Bears
Tue 5th Jul 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sCoJags226386Royston (U14)
I2Under 14sCambourne14366Swan 2
I3Under 14sComberton226486Swan 1
I4Under 14sMI7627172Icons
Tue 5th Jul 16 8:00pmI1Under 12sSwan 1618143Cojags
I2Under 12sRoyston63721Cambourne
I3Under 12sComberton614133MI7 2
I4Under 12sMI7 1627101Swan 2
Thu 7th Jul 16 6:45pmM1Division FCambourne 4321246Stetchworth
M2Division FHiston 2633293Coton 2
M3Division FLittle Thetford224386Linton 1
M4Division FGirton623162Ely 3
I1Division DEly 1425254Falcons
I2Division DBee 52s636343MI7 2
I3Division DCoJags 3646191Over 1
I4Division DWillingham Diamonds62061Cambourne 3
Thu 7th Jul 16 8:00pmM1Division GDMR-2 06Fenatics
M2Division GBAS632172Liberty Ladies 2
M3Division GBears-2 06Over 2
M4Division GPrice Bailey628253Warboy Witches
I1Division EEly 2222366Liberty Ladies
I2Division EHawks 3232436Coton
I3Division EThundercats 1627131Ivies
I4Division EStretham118446MI7 3
Tue 12th Jul 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sCoJags626253MI7
I2Under 14sCity of Ely629192Stretham
I3Under 14sSwan 263571Icons
I4Under 14sCambourne12896Swan 1
Tue 12th Jul 16 8:00pmI1Under 12sCambourne12216Swan 1
I2Under 12sMI7 215146Cojags
I3Under 12sSwan 217326Royston
I4Under 12sMI7 160 -2Comberton
Thu 14th Jul 16 6:45pmM1Division ELiberty Ladies65551Hawks 3
M2Division EEly 2329316Thundercats 1
M3Division ECoton636192Stretham
M4Division EIvies322256MI7 3
I1Division CIcons 3649201Jets 1
I2Division CHiston 1635292Milton 2
I3Division CSwifts 2628212Hawks 2
I4Division CRockets 2627263Cambourne 2
Thu 14th Jul 16 8:00pmM1Division DFalcons239636Bee 52s
M2Division DEly 1116336CoJags 3
M3Division DMI7 2647231Willingham Diamonds
M4Division DOver 1331356Cambourne 3
I1Division BCoJags 2635323Icons 2
I2Division BBurwell 117786Swifts 1
I3Division BFoxes634202Comberton 1
I4Division BRockets 1634172Haddenham
Tue 19th Jul 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sRoyston (U14)638101Icons
I2Under 14sCambourne412124CoJags
I3Under 14sCity of Ely110406Comberton
I4Under 14sMI7632101Stretham
Tue 19th Jul 16 8:00pmI1Under 12sSwan 163891MI7 2
I2Under 12sCambourne-2 06Swan 2
I3Under 12sCojags 618122MI7 1
I4Under 12sRoyston614123Comberton
Thu 21st Jul 16 6:45pmI1Division GFenatics627223BAS
I2Division GDMR-2 06Bears
I3Division GLiberty Ladies 2329336Price Bailey
I4Division GOver 2110456Warboy Witches
Thu 21st Jul 16 8:00pmI1Division FStetchworth60 -2Histon 2
I2Division FCambourne 4220326Little Thetford
I3Division FCoton 2-2 06Girton
I4Division FLinton 1644101Ely 3
Tue 26th Jul 16 6:45pmI1Under 14sSwan 2112426Swan 1