Summer League 2019

Welcome to the CDNL Summer League for 2019!

Here you’ll find your Divisions and your Fixtures/Results.

  Team NamePlayedWonLostDrawnForAgainstDiffConcAvgAdjPoints
Elite1Rookies 17700461288173024.714042
2Rookies 2752033924594013.429036
3Comberton 1752034125982011.714035
4CoJags 17430290298-80-1.143030
5CoJags 27340290322-320-4.571025
6Cherry Hinton 17250277312-350-5.000024
7Comberton 27250264336-720-10.286022
8Cherry Hinton 27070159361-2020-28.85709
Division A1MI7 1760133023694013.429040
2Hawks 175112862464005.714037
3Icons 27430281283-20-0.286030
4Milton 173312622174506.429030
5Histon 17331281287-60-0.857029
6Cambourne 27250250307-570-8.143023
7City of Ely 27250223266-430-6.143022
8Comberton 37160203274-710-10.143018
Division B1Cambourne 386203362904605.750042
2Liberty Ladies85212452113404.250040
3Linton 185302442271702.125037
4Swifts 18431257251600.750036
6Thundercats 18341266266000.000030
7Ely 18350257290-330-4.125030
8Rockets 18350246259-130-1.625029
9Warboys 18260242298-560-7.000024
Division C1MI7 28710350215135016.875044
2CoJags 38710343216127015.875044
3Icons 385302672422503.125037
4Swifts 28440280283-30-0.375033
5Willingham Diamonds8350280301-210-2.625028
6Bee 52s8350280349-690-8.625028
8Burwell 18250179285-1060 (1)-13.250024
9Rockets 28170229286-570-7.125020
Division D1Hawks 2871025615799012.375044
4Histon 28530249267-180-2.250035
5CoJags 484402782542403.000034
7Warboys 28350229247-180-2.250029
8Ely 28170206268-620-7.750020
9Cambourne 48170198283-850-10.625020
Division E1MI7 375202932296409.143035
2Ely 474302872444306.143032
3Jets 274303082505808.286031
5Little Thetford7430264279-150-2.143030
6Ely 37340240298-580-8.286024
8Linton 27160187253-660-9.429018
Division F1Thundercats 2761027718493013.286038
3Milton 275201941544005.714035
6Warboys 37250185278-930-13.286020
7Trumpington Tigers 17160185254-690-9.857018
8Over 27070187326-1390-19.857012
Under 12s1Swans Black (U12)770022947182026.000042
2Cambourne Blue (U12)7610130626809.714038
3Icons (U12)74307570500.714029
4MI7 (U12)74308989000.000028
5Royston (U12)73407679-30-0.429027
6Comberton (U12)715152124-720-10.286017
7Swans Purple (U12)705256143-870-12.429016
8Cambourne Gold (U12)715147140-930-13.286015
Under 14s1Icons (U14)6600228104124020.667036
2Royston (U14)651021913485014.167032
3Swans Black (U14)642017811761010.167026
4Comberton (U14)6240151188-370-6.167019
5Cambourne Blue (U14)6240131228-970-16.167017
6MI7 (U14)6150123175-520-8.667016
7CoJags (U14)615087171-840-14.000016
Under 16s1Icons (U16)8800395163232029.000048
2CoJags (U16)8710348153195024.375044
3Royston (U16)85203512081430 (1)17.875040
4Comberton B (U16)8431239274-350-4.375031
5MI7 (U16)8341232247-150-1.875029
6Comberton A (U16)8250196240-440 (1)-5.500025
7Swans White (U16)8251184327-1430-17.875023
8Cambourne (U16)8161190298-1080-13.500020
9Linton (U16)806051276-2252-28.12502
Crt  PtsScorePts 
 Under 16sComberton A (U16)223356Comberton B (U16)
Tue 23rd Apr 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sRoyston (U12)61293Swans Purple (U12)
I2Under 12sMI7 (U12)61341Icons (U12)
I3Under 12sSwans Black (U12)655101Cambourne Gold (U12)
I4Under 12sComberton (U12)15206Cambourne Blue (U12)
Tue 23rd Apr 19 7:15pmI1Under 16sCambourne (U16)218296CoJags (U16)
I2Under 14sComberton (U14)638222Cambourne Blue (U14)
I3Under 16sLinton (U16)-2 06Royston (U16)
I4Under 16sIcons (U16)647342MI7 (U16)
Wed 24th Apr 19 6:30pmI1Division AMI7 1657422Icons 2
I2Division DCoJags 4637282Ely 2
I3Division BEly 1331336Swifts 1
I4EliteCoJags 2641393Cherry Hinton 1
Thu 25th Apr 19 6:30pmM1Division BWarboys 1635323Liberty Ladies
M2Division BRockets 1632252Linton 1
M3Division DWarboys 2327316Histon 2
M4Division DBAS323266Fireflies
I1Division CCoJags 3221316Swifts 2
I2Division CIcons 3332376Bee 52s
I3Division EMI7 3654292Ely 3
I4Division FMilton 2620193Trumpington Tigers 1
Thu 25th Apr 19 8:00pmM1Division EVikings64291Falcons
M2Division DCambourne 4235466Jets
M3Division FGirton227476Royston
M4Division CKings634323Rockets 2
Tue 30th Apr 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sSwans Purple (U12)110286MI7 (U12)
I2Under 12sIcons (U12)35106Cambourne Blue (U12)
I3Under 12sSwans Black (U12)62051Royston (U12)
I4Under 12sCambourne Gold (U12)61193Comberton (U12)
Tue 30th Apr 19 7:15pmI1Under 16sComberton B (U16)648322Swans White (U16)
I2Under 16sMI7 (U16)627233Cambourne (U16)
I3Under 14sMI7 (U14)222296Swans Black (U14)
I4Under 16sLinton (U16)16466CoJags (U16)
Wed 1st May 19 6:30pmI1Division CMI7 2642322Kings
I2Division FOver 2230426Royston
I3Division CRockets 2220316Icons 3
I4Division EMI7 3659372Little Thetford
Thu 2nd May 19 6:30pmM1Division CBee 52s231606CoJags 3
M2Division DHiston 2640282Cambourne 4
M3Division FThundercats 2626233Milton 2
M4Division AComberton 3222376MI7 1
I1Division BSwifts 1324276Foxes
I2Division DJets640312BAS
I3Division DHawks 2632232CoJags 4
I4Division DEly 2219356Warboys 2
Thu 2nd May 19 8:00pmM1EliteCoJags 1243586Rookies 1
M2Division CWillingham Diamonds642222Burwell 1
M3Division BLiberty Ladies633272Rockets 1
M4Division AHiston 1438384Milton 1
Tue 7th May 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sComberton (U12)61682MI7 (U12)
I2Under 12sSwans Black (U12)626132Cambourne Blue (U12)
I3Under 12sRoyston (U12)61451Cambourne Gold (U12)
I4Under 12sSwans Purple (U12)29176Icons (U12)
Tue 7th May 19 7:15pmI1Under 16sComberton A (U16)111376CoJags (U16)
I2Under 16sSwans White (U16)224416Royston (U16)
I3Under 16sCambourne (U16)110606Icons (U16)
I4Under 14sIcons (U14)635272CoJags (U14)
Wed 8th May 19 6:30pmI1Division CIcons 3633212Kings
I2Division BLinton 1219256Liberty Ladies
I3Division BSwifts 1642302Warboys 1
I4Division AMI7 1647433Histon 1
Thu 9th May 19 6:30pmM1Division CSwifts 2644393Bee 52s
M2Division AIcons 2225446Hawks 1
M3Division FTrumpington Tigers 1119396Stetchworth
M4Division FMilton 2213196Girton
I1Division DCambourne 4222416CoJags 4
I2Division FWarboys 3647392Over 2
I3Division BRockets 1231376Cambourne 3
I4Division BThundercats 1227366Ely 1
Thu 9th May 19 8:00pmM1EliteComberton 1646392CoJags 2
M2EliteRookies 2655211Cherry Hinton 2
M3Division DWarboys 2327296Jets
M4Division ACambourne 2632262Comberton 3
Tue 14th May 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sIcons (U12)13236Swans Black (U12)
I2Under 12sRoyston (U12)3686MI7 (U12)
I3Under 12sSwans Purple (U12)4994Comberton (U12)
I4Under 12sCambourne Blue (U12)61331Cambourne Gold (U12)
Tue 14th May 19 7:15pmI1Under 16sCoJags (U16)654312Royston (U16)
I2Under 16sMI7 (U16)639151Comberton A (U16)
I3Under 14sSwans Black (U14)112316Icons (U14)
I4Under 14sRoyston (U14)640302Comberton (U14)
Wed 15th May 19 6:30pmI1Division EJets 2223326Vikings
I2Division BFoxes331346Rockets 1
I3Division CBurwell 1114436Icons 3
I4Division CCoJags 3634222Rockets 2
Thu 16th May 19 6:30pmM1Division FGirton638262Thundercats 2
M2EliteCherry Hinton 2234426Comberton 2
M3EliteCoJags 2247546CoJags 1
M4Division AHiston 1640282City of Ely 2
I1Division BWarboys 1117376Thundercats 1
I2Division FStetchworth647262Warboys 3
I3Division DBAS212236Hawks 2
I4Division CBee 52s124546MI7 2
Thu 16th May 19 8:00pmM1Division DFireflies634272Warboys 2
M2Division CSwifts 2642332Willingham Diamonds
M3EliteRookies 1682492Comberton 1
M4Division EEly 4644272Linton 2
Tue 21st May 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sRoyston (U12)61761Comberton (U12)
I2Under 12sCambourne Gold (U12)13206Icons (U12)
I3Under 12sCambourne Blue (U12)63041Swans Purple (U12)
I4Under 12sMI7 (U12)19256Swans Black (U12)
Tue 21st May 19 7:15pmI1Under 14sCambourne Blue (U14)123556Royston (U14)
I2Under 14sIcons (U14)648231Comberton (U14)
I3Under 14sCoJags (U14)622213MI7 (U14)
I4Under 16sIcons (U16)642171Comberton A (U16)
Wed 22nd May 19 6:30pmI1Division CKings-2 06Burwell 1
I2Division DJets644171Ely 2
I3Division DHawks 2630152Histon 2
I4Division EEly 3238476Ely 4
Thu 23rd May 19 6:30pmM1Division BEly 1634333Warboys 1
M2Division ELinton 2228396Jets 2
M3Division DCoJags 4338426Fireflies
M4Division FWarboys 3631293Trumpington Tigers 1
I1Division BCambourne 3647362Foxes
I2EliteComberton 1648262Cherry Hinton 1
I3Division BThundercats 1228346Linton 1
I4Division AMilton 1639272Cambourne 2
Thu 23rd May 19 8:00pmM1Division CMI7 2228376CoJags 3
M2Division ACity of Ely 2223456MI7 1
M3EliteComberton 2641403Rookies 2
M4Division FOver 2118606Girton
Tue 4th Jun 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sCambourne Gold (U12)410104Swans Purple (U12)
I2Under 12sMI7 (U12)14236Cambourne Blue (U12)
I3Under 12sIcons (U12)61073Royston (U12)
I4Under 12sComberton (U12)12436Swans Black (U12)
Tue 4th Jun 19 7:15pmI1Under 16sLinton (U16)12476MI7 (U16)
I2Under 16sRoyston (U16)649362Comberton A (U16)
I3Under 16sCambourne (U16)423234Comberton B (U16)
I4Under 16sIcons (U16)67581Swans White (U16)
Wed 5th Jun 19 6:30pmI1Division DEly 2226346BAS
I2Division FGirton628253Stetchworth
I3Division CBurwell 1644322Swifts 2
I4Division ACambourne 2346476Histon 1
Wed 5th Jun 19 8:00pmI1Division FRoyston642302Warboys 3
I2Division EJets 2658271Ely 3
I3Division DFireflies115516Hawks 2
I4Division AMI7 1639292Milton 1
Thu 6th Jun 19 6:30pmM1EliteCoJags 1644433Comberton 2
M2Division CCoJags 3642272Icons 3
M3Division FThundercats 2645191Over 2
M4Division BCambourne 3637232Ely 1
I1Division AComberton 3232486Icons 2
I2Division BFoxes227346Thundercats 1
I3Division EEly 4652211Falcons
I4Division BRockets 1224326Warboys 1
Thu 6th Jun 19 8:00pmM1EliteCherry Hinton 1247756Rookies 1
M2Division DWarboys 2631232Cambourne 4
M3Division DHiston 2117516Jets
M4Division CWillingham Diamonds231476MI7 2
I1Division BLiberty Ladies634262Swifts 1
I2Division ELittle Thetford639262Linton 2
I3Division AHawks 1636302City of Ely 2
I4Division CRockets 2334386Bee 52s
Tue 11th Jun 19 6:15pmI1Under 12sCambourne Gold (U12)15196MI7 (U12)
I2Under 12sComberton (U12)15166Icons (U12)
I3Under 12sSwans Purple (U12)15376Swans Black (U12)
I4Under 12sCambourne Blue (U12)621152Royston (U12)
Tue 11th Jun 19 7:15pmI1Under 16sSwans White (U16)632172Cambourne (U16)
I2Under 16sRoyston (U16)659221Comberton B (U16)
I3Under 14sCoJags (U14)312166Cambourne Blue (U14)
I4Under 16sLinton (U16)113456Icons (U16)
Wed 12th Jun 19 6:30pmI1Division BEly 1238536Foxes
I2Division BSwifts 1631252Rockets 1
I3Division BThundercats 1221286Liberty Ladies
I4Division EFalcons644433Jets 2
Wed 12th Jun 19 8:00pmI2Division FStetchworth226396Thundercats 2
I3Division DCambourne 4631293Ely 2
I4Division AHiston 1235516Hawks 1
Thu 13th Jun 19 6:30pmM1Division CSwifts 2637272Rockets 2
M3Division CBee 52s240506Kings
M4Division FWarboys 3221376Girton
I1Division DFireflies644342Histon 2
I2Division CMI7 2636161Burwell 1
I3Division FOver 2222356Milton 2
I4Division AMilton 1648231Comberton 3
Thu 13th Jun 19 8:00pmM1Division CIcons 3639312Willingham Diamonds
M2EliteCherry Hinton 2124586Rookies 1
M3EliteRookies 2633313Comberton 1
M4EliteComberton 2234546CoJags 2
I1Division EVikings223386Little Thetford
I2Division ELinton 2221396MI7 3
I3Division ACity of Ely 2650332Cambourne 2
I4Division BLinton 1331356Cambourne 3
Tue 18th Jun 19 6:30pmI1Under 16sRoyston (U16)659221Cambourne (U16)
I2Under 16sComberton B (U16)118506Icons (U16)
I4Under 16sCoJags (U16)634212MI7 (U16)
Tue 18th Jun 19 8:00pmI1Under 14sComberton (U14)612103CoJags (U14)
I2Under 16sSwans White (U16)63041Linton (U16)
I3Under 14sMI7 (U14)211226Icons (U14)
I4Under 14sRoyston (U14)61461Swans Black (U14)
Wed 19th Jun 19 6:30pmI1Division DHiston 2645413CoJags 4
I2Division CKings642403Swifts 2
I3Division FMilton 2623183Stetchworth
I4Division DHawks 2628162Cambourne 4
Wed 19th Jun 19 8:00pmI1Division FThundercats 2651181Warboys 3
I2Division AHawks 1637363Milton 1
I3EliteRookies 1654503Rookies 2
I4Division EJets 2662422Ely 4
Thu 20th Jun 19 6:30pmM1Division CBurwell 1641272Bee 52s
M2Division CIcons 3227506MI7 2
M3Division ELittle Thetford223396Falcons
M4Division AIcons 2232406City of Ely 2
I1Division DEly 2640202Fireflies
I2Division BFoxes226386Linton 1
I3Division FTrumpington Tigers 1125566Royston
I4Division CWillingham Diamonds229566CoJags 3
Thu 20th Jun 19 8:00pmM1Division EMI7 3649332Vikings
M2Division EEly 3632262Linton 2
M4EliteComberton 1646362CoJags 1
I1EliteCoJags 2642302Cherry Hinton 2
I2Division DBAS647282Warboys 2
I3Division BCambourne 3340426Swifts 1
I4EliteCherry Hinton 1646402Comberton 2
Tue 25th Jun 19 6:30pmI1Under 16sCambourne (U16)656161Linton (U16)
I2Under 14sCambourne Blue (U14)117566Swans Black (U14)
I3Under 16sCoJags (U16)227346Icons (U16)
I4Under 14sComberton (U14)221296MI7 (U14)
Tue 25th Jun 19 8:00pmI2Under 16sComberton B (U16)634222MI7 (U16)
I3Under 14sCoJags (U14)110516Royston (U14)
I4Under 16sSwans White (U16)117426Comberton A (U16)
Wed 26th Jun 19 6:30pmI1Division BWarboys 1238516Cambourne 3
I2Division DCoJags 4638181Warboys 2
I3Division BRockets 1639312Thundercats 1
I4Division EEly 4339406Little Thetford
Wed 26th Jun 19 8:00pmI1Division AHiston 1237496Icons 2
I2Division CRockets 2121436Willingham Diamonds
I3EliteCherry Hinton 2116436Cherry Hinton 1
I4Division EFalcons634293MI7 3
Thu 27th Jun 19 6:30pmM1Division BLinton 1638343Ely 1
M2Division ACambourne 2230586MI7 1
M3Division DEly 2221326Hawks 2
M4Division CCoJags 3653241Burwell 1
I1Division DCambourne 4217306BAS
I2Division FRoyston236466Thundercats 2
I3Division BLiberty Ladies421214Foxes
I4Division EVikings648131Ely 3
Thu 27th Jun 19 8:00pmM1Division FGirton636182Trumpington Tigers 1
M2Division FWarboys 3112336Milton 2
M3Division CSwifts 2227356Icons 3
M4Division DJets223336Fireflies
I1Division AMilton 1642191City of Ely 2
I2Division AComberton 3334356Hawks 1
I3EliteRookies 2650292CoJags 1
I4EliteComberton 2230496Comberton 1
Tue 2nd Jul 19 6:30pmI1Under 16sLinton (U16)110346Comberton B (U16)
I2Under 14sIcons (U14)655121Cambourne Blue (U14)
I3Under 16sComberton A (U16)652211Cambourne (U16)
I4Under 16sMI7 (U16)18586Royston (U16)
Tue 2nd Jul 19 8:00pmI1Under 16sCoJags (U16)66671Swans White (U16)
I2Under 14sMI7 (U14)228406Royston (U14)
I3Under 14sSwans Black (U14)63661CoJags (U14)
Wed 3rd Jul 19 6:30pmI1Division ELittle Thetford647402Jets 2
I2Division BCambourne 3640373Liberty Ladies
I3Division ACity of Ely 2333386Comberton 3
I4Division DWarboys 2636262Hawks 2
Wed 3rd Jul 19 8:00pmI1Division CWillingham Diamonds637302Kings
I2Division DJets645252CoJags 4
I3Division CMI7 2642272Swifts 2
I4Division EEly 3648252Falcons
Thu 4th Jul 19 6:30pmM1Division BWarboys 1224316Linton 1
M2Division CBurwell 1118526Rockets 2
M3Division FMilton 2647382Royston
M4EliteCoJags 1635333Cherry Hinton 1
I1EliteComberton 1672131Cherry Hinton 2
I2Division AHawks 1336396Cambourne 2
I3Division BSwifts 1436364Thundercats 1
I4Division DBAS220326Histon 2
Thu 4th Jul 19 8:00pmM1Division BEly 1639343Rockets 1
M2Division FTrumpington Tigers 1224446Thundercats 2
M3Division AIcons 2634303Milton 1
M4Division EMI7 3633323Ely 4
I1Division ELinton 2218316Vikings
I2EliteRookies 1669341Comberton 2
I3Division FStetchworth646312Over 2
I4EliteRookies 2654261CoJags 2
Tue 9th Jul 19 6:30pmI1Under 16sComberton B (U16)125556CoJags (U16)
I2Under 16sIcons (U16)642362Royston (U16)
I4Under 16sMI7 (U16)434344Swans White (U16)
Tue 9th Jul 19 8:00pmI1Under 14sCambourne Blue (U14)641121MI7 (U14)
I2Under 14sRoyston (U14)219376Icons (U14)
I3Under 16sComberton A (U16)60 -2Linton (U16)
I4Under 14sSwans Black (U14)639272Comberton (U14)
Wed 10th Jul 19 6:30pmI1Division FOver 2228516Trumpington Tigers 1
I2Division ACambourne 2243516Icons 2
I3Division AMI7 1447474Hawks 1
I4Division EEly 3653402Little Thetford
Wed 10th Jul 19 8:00pmI1Division CKings224406CoJags 3
I2Division BThundercats 1652493Cambourne 3
I3Division BFoxes647332Warboys 1
Thu 11th Jul 19 6:30pmM1Division EFalcons229416Linton 2
M2EliteCherry Hinton 2121496CoJags 1
M3Division AComberton 3228416Histon 1
M4Division BLiberty Ladies635222Ely 1
I1Division DHawks 2634192Jets
I2Division DCoJags 4635222BAS
I3Division CRockets 2121516MI7 2
I4Division FRoyston650352Stetchworth
Thu 11th Jul 19 8:00pmM1Division EVikings223316Ely 4
M2Division BLinton 1628233Swifts 1
M3Division DFireflies638262Cambourne 4
M4Division DHiston 2635262Ely 2
I1EliteCoJags 2241656Rookies 1
I2Division CBee 52s644342Willingham Diamonds
I3Division EJets 2643302MI7 3
I4EliteCherry Hinton 1243576Rookies 2