Winter League 2021/22

Here you’ll find your Divisions and your Fixtures/Results.

  Team NamePlayedWonLostDrawnForAgainstDiffConcAvgAdjPoints
Division 11Comberton 3161420707403304019.000088
2Histon 1161420717478239014.938088
3CoJags 3161330721494227014.188085
4Swifts 1169705574985903.688072
5Burwell 216790504542-380-2.375060
6Icons 2165100507638-1310 (1)-8.188056
7MI7 2165110524624-1000-6.250051
8Hawks 1163121390604-2140-13.375042
9City of Ely 2160141321667-3461-21.625021
Division 21Thundercats 1141310608345263018.786080
2Rockets 1149504324052701.929065
3Warboys 1148514854236204.429065
4Linton 1149503813364503.214064
5Haddenham 1148514784384002.857064
6Liberty Ladies143110375480-1050-7.500044
7CoJags 4144100347528-1810-12.929042
8Rockets 2141130354505-1510-10.786033
9Milton 20000000000
Division 31Cambourne 3161510661361300018.750092
2Rockets 3161330630355275017.188086
3Hawks 2161060530522800.500069
4Over 116880530576-460-2.875066
5Swifts 2167904244131100.688061
6Haddenham 2166100516599-830-5.188055
7Icons 3165110466601-1350-8.438053
8Ely 1164120460622-1620-10.125046
9MI7 3164120408576-1680-10.500045
Division 41CoJags 5161501680478202012.625094
2Willingham Diamonds1610516245418305.188075
4Burwell 3169615324765603.500071
6Histon 21661005835671601.000056
8Ely 2165110571655-840-5.250-449
9Cambourne 4162131387653-2660-16.625037
Division 51Little Thetford121110549301248020.667068
2Thundercats 212840450316134011.167059
3Linton 2127504353676805.667051
4Warboys 212570371365600.500043
5Ely 312470286404-1180 (1)-9.833042
7Hawks 3120120192505-3130-26.083017
Crt  PtsScorePts 
Sat 2nd Oct 21 2:00pmN1Division 4Burwell 3620142Cambourne 4
N2Division 4CoJags 5645322Ely 2
N3Division 4Falcons642352Histon 2
N4Division 4Jets637333Kings
Sat 9th Oct 21 12:30pmN1Division 4Histon 2233416Jets
N2Division 4Kings333376Willingham Diamonds
N3Division 4Cambourne 4227486CoJags 5
N4Division 4Ely 2643232Falcons
Sat 16th Oct 21 11:00amN1Division 4Histon 2235506Willingham Diamonds
N2Division 4Falcons341466Jets
N3Division 4Burwell 3220346Kings
N4Division 4Cambourne 4642322Ely 2
Sat 23rd Oct 21 9:30amN1Division 4Cambourne 4442424Kings
N2Division 4CoJags 5649372Jets
N3Division 4Burwell 3240476Willingham Diamonds
N4Division 4Ely 2646392Histon 2
Sat 30th Oct 21 9:30amN4Division 4Ely 2341456Willingham Diamonds
N5Division 4Cambourne 4125566Falcons
Sat 30th Oct 21 11:00amN5Division 4Histon 2232446Kings
Sat 30th Oct 21 12:30pmN5Division 4Burwell 3227466CoJags 5
Sat 6th Nov 21 2:00pmN1Division 4CoJags 5635323Falcons
N2Division 4Burwell 3633262Histon 2
N3Division 4Ely 2235556Kings
N4Division 4Jets620173Willingham Diamonds
Sat 20th Nov 21 12:30pmN1Division 4Burwell 3340456Falcons
N2Division 4CoJags 5442424Willingham Diamonds
N3Division 4Ely 2233616Jets
N4Division 4Cambourne 4226366Histon 2
Sat 4th Dec 21 9:30amN1Division 4Burwell 3640332Jets
N2Division 4Cambourne 4231486Willingham Diamonds
N3Division 4CoJags 5640212Histon 2
N4Division 4Falcons234616Kings
Sat 11th Dec 21 9:30amN4Division 4Burwell 3646171Cambourne 4
N5Division 4CoJags 5654503Ely 2
Sat 11th Dec 21 11:00amN5Division 4Falcons127596Histon 2
Sat 11th Dec 21 12:30pmN5Division 4Jets239546Kings
Sat 15th Jan 22 2:00pmN1Division 4Histon 2650282Jets
N2Division 4Kings653261Willingham Diamonds
N3Division 4Cambourne 4224406CoJags 5
N4Division 4Ely 2649362Falcons
Sat 22nd Jan 22 12:30pmN1Division 4Histon 2232436Willingham Diamonds
N2Division 4Falcons226366Jets
N3Division 4Burwell 3642252Kings
N4Division 4Cambourne 4115436Ely 2
Sat 29th Jan 22 11:00amN1Division 4Cambourne 4111366Kings
N2Division 4CoJags 5630283Jets
N3Division 4Burwell 3214286Willingham Diamonds
N4Division 4Ely 2117416Histon 2
Sat 5th Feb 22 9:30amN1Division 4Ely 2237486Willingham Diamonds
N2Division 4Cambourne 4227386Falcons
N3Division 4Histon 2649483Kings
N4Division 4Burwell 3222356CoJags 5
Sat 12th Feb 22 9:30amN4Division 4CoJags 5655412Falcons
N5Division 4Burwell 3637282Histon 2
Sat 12th Feb 22 11:00amN5Division 4Ely 2634252Kings
Sat 12th Feb 22 12:30pmN5Division 4Jets634323Willingham Diamonds
Sat 19th Feb 22 2:00pmN1Division 4Burwell 362281Falcons
N2Division 4CoJags 5638252Willingham Diamonds
N3Division 4Ely 2225336Jets
N4Division 4Cambourne 419476Histon 2
Sat 26th Feb 22 12:30pmN1Division 4CoJags 5643262Kings
N2Division 4Burwell 3640393Ely 2
N3Division 4Falcons240566Willingham Diamonds
N4Division 4Cambourne 4629283Jets
Sat 5th Mar 22 11:00amN1Division 4Burwell 3436364Jets
N2Division 4Cambourne 4117616Willingham Diamonds
N3Division 4CoJags 5636202Histon 2
N4Division 4Falcons229356Kings
Sat 12th Mar 22 11:00amN1Division 4CoJags 5644242Kings
N2Division 4Burwell 3653151Ely 2
N3Division 4Falcons634192Willingham Diamonds
N4Division 4Cambourne 4331326Jets