Winter League Rules


1.  Name

  1.     The League shall be called Cambridge and District Netball League.
  2.     The League members will be affiliated to England Netball.

2.  Aims and Objectives

To promote the personal development for all club members, participants, volunteers and officials of the League in relation to netball and, where appropriate, provide routes to opportunities to enhance and increase individual skills.

The aims and objectives of the League shall be to:

  • Promote netball within the local community
  • To offer competitive opportunities in netball
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the League
  • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone
  • To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment.

3.  Membership

  1.     The League shall be consist of the officers and the members.
  2.     Membership of the League shall be open, and not unreasonably restricted on the grounds of sex, race or of political, religious or other opinions to any person in the area prepared to accept and support the objectives of the League.  No member, participant, volunteer or official will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, social class, colour, race, ethnic origin, creed or disability, or will be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be relevant to their participation in the League.
  3.     In accepting membership a person agrees to abide in the constitution of the League and the rulings of the League Committee.
  4.     Members may resign from membership at any time.
  5.  Management
  6.     Cambridge and District League shall be played under the rules of England Netball.
  7.     Where it is not possible to convene a meeting of the full committee for a particular decision to be made, an Emergency Committee, consisting of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall decide.  Their findings shall then be put to the full committee for ratification.

5.  Rules

  1.     No player may participate in a League game of netball whilst she is pregnant.
  2.     A player may play for one League Club at a time.  A player may move to another Club only once during a season and must re-affiliate to the County through the new Club.  The player may not return to the original Club in that season. (See penalties.)
  3.     A player who is not affiliated to England Netball may play as a guest player once in a season, the name of the player must appear on the scorecard with “GP” marked next to her name.  Only one guest player may be used in a Team at any one time.  If she wishes to play again for the same Team or a different Team (regardless of if that other Team is in the same Club) she must be affiliated before the match.  (See penalties)
  4.     All matches must start within 5 minutes of the agreed time. (See penalties.)
  5.     Clubs must pay the specified entry fee to the appropriate League Treasurer by the date laid down by the Committee.
  6.     The signatures of named players, where appropriate, must be sent to the League Secretary by the date specified by the committee.  (See penalties.)
  7.     Clubs are responsible for any inappropriate behaviour of their supporters.  (See penalties.) 
  8.     No smoking on or around courts that are being used for League matches.  (See penalties.)

6.  Entry to League/League structure

  1.     A new Team shall be defined as a Team with less than five original members of a previous Team or at the discretion of the League Committee if deemed appropriate.
  2.     Where Clubs have more than one Team, it must name seven first Team members and when appropriate seven second, seven third etc. Team players.  All players must be named to a Team and registered with the League Committee prior to playing.  A named player may play down in the Team immediately below once per season but may not return to her former Team for the following 2 League matches.  If she plays down more than once, that player will be deemed a member of the lower Team and will not be permitted to play up for the remainder of that season.
  3.     Only one named player may play in the Team immediately below at a time.
  4.     If a player plays up for 2 full consecutive League games she will be deemed to be a named player of that particular Team.
  5.     The relevant League Secretary must be informed, in writing, of a proposed change in named players before the relevant fixture.  The number of times a Team may make such changes will be at the discretion of the League Committee.  (See penalties)
  6.     If changes are necessary to the League structure in terms of number of divisions / number of Teams per division, the League Committee will be responsible for placing Teams in the relevant divisions.
  7.     The Team at the bottom of their Division will automatically go down to the Division below, the Team at the top of their Division will automatically go up to the Division above.  The second from bottom of one Division and the second from top of the Division below will play a match to decide which team either goes up or remains in the higher Division.  This will happen with all Divisions, with the exception of the top end of Division One, there are no playoffs to get up into County Premier Division.

7.  Scoring System


6 points


4 points

Within 5 goals of winning score

3 points

50% or over of winning score

2 points

Less than 50% of winning score

1 point


-4 points

8.  Appointment of Umpires

  1.     Clubs involved in Central Venue Divisions are responsible for supplying an umpire for the match either before or after their own match.  (See penalties.)
  2.     Umpires are expected to conform to a standard of physical fitness, which allows them to keep pace with the speed and variability of the game.  If age, injury, illness or pregnancy is likely to affect the umpire’s movement and positioning to the detriment of the game, she/he is required to withdraw from officiating.  It is strongly recommended that pregnant umpires do not officiate beyond the 20th week of pregnancy.

9.  Officiating over matches

  1.     Umpires for Division 1 matches must be at least C Award standard.
  2.     Umpires for Division 2 matches must be at least C Award standard.
  3.     Umpires for other Division matches must be at least Beginner Award standard.

10.  Affiliation to Clubs

  1.     All Clubs must have affiliated to them an umpire qualified to the level required to officiate over matches within the highest division to which the Club enters a Team.
  2.     A side without an umpire must withdraw a player, suitably qualified to umpire.
  3.     Clubs will be allowed one season’s grace in order to gain a suitably qualified umpire for any newly promoted Teams within their Club.
  4.     New Clubs to the League will be allowed one season’s grace in order to gain a suitably qualified umpire.

11.  Score cards

  1.     All players must print and sign their names, and indicate if they only played part of a match. Guest players must be indicated as GP. Score cards must indicate if players are playing up or down. (See penalties.)
  2.     Teams are responsible for ensuring that the results cards are filled in correctly i.e.:
  •         The scores are correct
  •         That each participating player has signed the card, including substitutes (indicating portion of game played ¼, ½, ¾) and guest players (indicating GP).
  •         The umpires have printed their name and signed the card, stating their qualification.
  1.     Score cards must be received within 7 days of the match being played. If a match has to be re-arranged score cards must be sent in within this time, stating BOTH Team names and the new fixture date as well as the original fixture date. (See penalties.)

12.  Cancellation of matches

1.     Rearranged matches

  1.     Matches cannot be re-arranged except for County commitments or extreme weather conditions.  (See penalties.)
  2.     In the event of a National / Regional / County event coinciding with a League Fixture and player(s) and/or official(s) from one Team being involved, the two Teams have up to ten days to play the match from the fixture date, with the consent of the LMC (League Management Committee).
  3.     Re-arranged matches may be played two weeks either side of the original fixture date. The Team re-arranging the match will need to inform the Committee of the new fixture date. (See penalties).

2.     Conceded matches

  1.     A Team conceding a match will automatically be deducted 4 points.
  2.     In the event of a match being conceded, the average goals against shall be added to the conceding Team’s goals against. For the opposing Team, the average goals for shall be added to goals for. These are to be calculated after all matches have been completed.

3.     Extenuating circumstances

  1.     As there is no precedent for what constitutes an “extenuating circumstance”, each request/circumstance will be considered and decided upon individually by the League Committee.

13. Misconduct

  1.     CDNL adopt England Netball Code of Conduct.  For clarification please see:
  2.     If a complaint regarding the conduct of a Club or player is made, this will be investigated on receipt of the complaint in writing, accompanied by any relevant evidence.  If misconduct is found to have occurred, a Club may have points deducted or, in exceptional circumstances the player or Club may be suspended or expelled from League competition.  The affected player/Club will have the right of appeal to the CNACC, whose decision shall be binding.
  3.     If a Club’s supporter/s are using inappropriate behaviour or language contrary to the spirit of our sport, in the first instance the match may be stopped and the supporters will be asked to refrain.  In the event this fails, the match will be stopped and the supporters will be asked to leave the area.  Failure to comply will result in the Team they are supporting to concede the match automatically thereby losing 4 points.  Action can be taken by either of the officiating umpires or any League Committee Member.  (See penalties.)

14. Meetings/Voting

1.    Attendance at meetings

Clubs failing to send two representatives to the County AGM will not be allowed to participate in any county affiliated league until they have paid a fine of £50 to Cambridgeshire County Netball Association.

Non attendance at League AGM Tournament will incur deducion of points, to be determined by LMC.

2. Voting rights

  1. League meeting:

1 vote per Team

  1. AGM/EGM (local League):

1 vote per Team

3. AGM (County):

1 vote per person

15. Penalties

Rule 2

2.2, 2.3 & 2.6    Points deducted for relevant matches.

2.4                   Match will be conceded by non offending Team.

2.7                   Points deducted for relevant matches and action for misconduct will be implemented.

2.8                   £5.00 fine which will go to Cancer Research

Rule 3

3.5 Points deducted for relevant matches.

Rule 5

5.1                   2 points deducted and responsible for supplying 2 umpires for rematch.

Rule 6

6.1                   Points deducted for relevant matches

6.3                   Home Team to concede 4 points (Voted in AGM 10/05/08)

Rule 7

7.1.1                4 points deducted from relevant matches.

7.1.2                4 points deducted from relevant matches.

7.1.3                4 points deducted from relevant matches.

Rule 8

8.2 Misconduct investigation which could result in points deducted and possible suspension or permanent exclusion from League competition.

16.   Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of CDNL where there are funds remaining after satisfying all the debts and liabilities, the Committee can nominate to distribute funds to:

  1. a)     England Netball for the benefit of Netball East in line with the object detailed within the Netball East Constitution;
  2. b)     Any organisation within the boundaries of Netball East with similar objects to those of CDNL; and/or
  3. c)      Affiliated clubs of CDNL

No committee members will receive any personal gain as a result of the dissolution of CDNL.